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Esteemed customers:

Welcome to visit our website. If you have any problem when you are using our products, or if you need further technical support from us, please do advise us. Please specify your need(s) as listed below.

Technical Service Office:

Tel: +86-28-37496-086     Fax: +86-28-37496-867

Contact: Mr. Li Quandong     E-mail:

Business Contacts:

Reception Dept.:+86-28-37496867

Sales Dept.: +86-28-37496117 / 37496816 / 37496389 / 37496866 / 37496972


Supply Dept.: +86-28-37496930

Fax: +86-28-37496017 / 37496867


Address: 23 Linjiang Road, Hongchuan, Hongya, Sichuan, China

Zip code: 620360

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